Collision Management

What is a Domain Name Collision?

A domain name collision occurs when a domain with the same Domain Name and Top Level Domain exists in two different namespaces on the same blockchain.

How do you manage Domain Collision?

Our algorithm scores Web3 domain name based on a number of different parameters. NOTO users can then handle the collisions automatically by returning the domain with the highest score, or customize their settings to influence the score or limit the results to specific blockchains/namespaces.

How Can I Prevent Domain Collisions in My Network?

To prevent collisions, if you are using NOTO APIs, configure your Resolution and Collision Settings on your project Collision Management. For NOTO DNS, the domain will always return only the domain with the highest score. In the future, you will be able to tweak the settings of how your zonefile is generated similarly to what you can already do when using the API.

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